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Today, like many of you, is my last day of work before Christmas. Stepping out of our routine to celebrate and enjoy the holiday according to our beliefs and traditions is a chance to meditate on what Christmas can mean.

Tibetan Buddhist teacher Lama Thubten Yeshe gave a beautiful talk on spiritual meaning of Christmas, from the perspective of someone from a different philosophy.

I loved his words, and wanted to share them with you. Wherever you go, however you celebrate, may the gift of peace be with you.

Namaste, Paul xx

The following is an excerpt. You can read the whole talk here.

For a Christmas celebration to be a good one, it must be of a truly religious nature. Jesus came to this Earth and presented his teachings, but worldly beings completely disregard this fact. For them, Christmas means – first and foremost – spending money, buying presents, and creating confusion. Such confusion is entirely of our own making. We have the power to make Christmas meaningful, peaceful, and truly religious, but instead of using this power we succumb to worldly negative energy….

If we don’t not make an attempt to control the negative, confused mind, then there is no such thing as Christianity, there is no Buddhism, no Mahayana. There is nothing worthwhile! We must recognize the negative mind for what it is, and then slowly begin to find a solution for the pain it causes ourselves and others. In this way our mind can be brought to a state of everlastingly peaceful realization. If we do nothing to correct our motivation and distorted ways of thinking, then Christmas exists merely for the ego. Although supposedly making a celebration for Jesus, what we are actually doing is completely degenerate.

Therefore, if you want to come to this Christmas celebration and bring a present, the best present you can bring is a peaceful mind. If you can make such an offering with true love for one another, that is enough. There is no need for too much physical activity.

Share your Christmas wishes in the comments.