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The holiday bustle can make it difficult to make your regular yoga class, not to mention that a lot of studios cut the number of classes offered, or close altogether.

Don’t let this stop you doing yoga, though! After all, you need it more than ever during busy, stressful times.

My recommendation for keeping yourself grounded, healthy and calm during the season is to do home practice. If you don’t have the benefit of the yoga studio warm up with a few sets of Surya Namaskara (sun salutations). Do five to ten rounds of sun salutations followed by other yoga poses and then rest deeply.   This is perfect!

If you’re not sure of the sequence here is a great step-by-step guide.


You might find that this could be the mantra to stay fit over the festive season.  You’ll be amazed how a home session can relax and invigorate you.