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Poking around for food ideas and recipes led me to this fun Thriving On Plants post on the top nine vegan food trends of 2017. Some I’ve tried, some I’ve recommended, some are new to me!

The ones that got me nodding my head were overnight oats, cauliflower, and plant-based beauty products. Soaking oats in non-diary milk over night, along with nuts, seeds, dried fruit, makes a delicious, filling, nutritious eat-anywhere meal. Switching up toppings (fruit, honey, maple syrup, tahini, coconut milk, etc) and using different kinds of non-dairy milk ensures it is never boring.

Cauliflower is, of course, one of the most nutritious, versatile vegetables around. If you want to cut back on grains roast cauliflower, cauliflower “rice” and cauliflower mash are great options.


Vegan health and beauty products just make sense. There are enough chemicals and whatnot in our environment without deliberately applying any to our bodies.

As for the unfamiliar trends: I’d never even heard of aquafaba but now I’m curious to try. It is “the gelatinous liquid, normally wasted, found in canned chickpeas. This gel is a result of soaking legumes in water for long periods of time.” You use it in recipes instead of egg whites.

Another trend I’d like to learn more about is vegan meal delivery services. Has anyone tried one? Are they worth the expense? Do they taste good? Hit me with thoughts and recommendations via the comments or by Tweeting @YogaWithPaul.

photo credit: justin_s77 Oatmeal and Granola via photopin (license)