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Journalist and yoga regular Maroulla Paul wrote a piece about YogaWithPaul for City Solicitor — a magazine for lawyers.

In it, I talked about how yoga teaches us to focus and helps clear our mind.

I see daily the positive impact yoga has on those who practise it. It seems really beneficial for lawyers. It gives them greater clarity, a quality that is essential in their work. In the time they are in a class they have to focus on listening to me, and doing their practice. They can’t think about anything else other than being in the room on the mat. And that means cutting off from their cases and all the decisions they have to make. But they come out strong, refreshed, and more capable of clear thinking.

This is true no matter what you do. Whether arguing legal cases or chasing kids around the house, we all have stress and strain in our lives. Yoga is a healing, energising tool that helps put things in perspective and keep us in balance.

You can read the whole article online at City Solicitor.

How does yoga help you cope with work? Share your thoughts in the comments!