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Putting positive energy into a good cause is a way to connect with people, cultivate compassion and empathy, practice mindfulness, and open up to new experiences. In other words, volunteering is a lot like yoga! Which is probably why many of my friends and students volunteer.

I’m sure even more would if they had time — or the time to find opportunities. I did a bit of Googling and found some great umbrella organisations that can help you get started in volunteer work. Here goes!

Hands On London

“We started in 2010, working as an intermediary between not-for-profits, chariti

hands on london

es, community groups and volunteers like you. We also offer opportunities for corporate volunteering. We have a growing network of charity partners which allows us to bring diverse and flexible opportunities into one place so it’s easy to choose what you do.”

Team London

“Volunteering is a great way to build stronger links between communities as it brings people of different ages and backgrounds together. It can also help increase social mobility and ensures that London’s opportunities are open to all.

“Since Team London launched in 2012, over 150,000 adults and 100,000 young Londoners have joined the programme. Together, they’re helping to make our city even better.

“Londoners lead busy lives, so Team London gives people the chance to volunteer in a way that suits them. There are thousands of opportunities to volunteer in London – from one-off events to longer-term commitments. From joining in a local clean-up to helping kids learn to read, there really is something for everyone.”


“The UK’s national volunteering database, Do-it.org makes it easy for anyone to volunteer in their community.

“Do-it.org lists over 1m volunteering opportunities that are posted by volunteer centres, national/local charities and voluntary groups. Enabling 200,000 people every month to donate their time and build their skills, Do-it ensures that almost 50,000 organisations find the help they need to provide vital services to the community.”

Suggestions? Tips? Share your favourite cause in the comments.