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Holidays carry a lot of expectations and cause a lot of let downs.

Philosophers, yogis and enlightened minds have spent millennia telling humanity that the path to happiness and peace is to let go of desire and expectations and enjoy life. This is harder than it sounds. Which is why they’re still teaching it, and most of us still struggle to let go of expectations.

Let go of these five things for a happy Bank Holiday, and every day.


Wanting things to be perfect is a guaranteed way to be disappointed. Nothing is going to be perfect. Weather isn’t perfect, trains aren’t perfect, events aren’t perfect and people sure aren’t perfect. Relax. Accept and appreciate things as they are.


When you feel you deserve something, whether it’s a table at your favourite restaurant or your partner’s undivided attention, you are going to be frustrated if that doesn’t work out. Think in terms of gifts, or blessings, instead of entitlement. Gratitude makes good moments even better.


Holidays are supposed to be happy and jolly, right? But they also tend to bring more noise, bustle, and disruption. It is easy to get angry at these inconveniences but in doing so, we lose our happiness. Appreciate the happy commotion if you can; if you crave solitude, you can always treat yourself to an extra yoga class!


There is a thin line between love and attachment. Whether it’s a person or your favourite latte, if you start to feel you cannot live without it creates anxiety. What will happen if they go? The key to separating love and attachment is to cultivate self-confidence. Knowing you can handle whatever life throws at you enables you to cherish the things you love without relying on them for your sense of well being.


We all face uncertainty, loss and difficulties at times and fear is a natural response. It is important to resist getting stuck in fear though. Through yoga, meditation and study we learn to push through imitations. We cultivate compassion and courage. Ultimately, we discover that the universe is bigger than fear, and we can rise above it.

What would you give up for a happy holiday? Share your thoughts in the comments!