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This year we did yoga nidra for the first time on the Yoga Holiday With Paul retreat.

Yoga nidra is a profound guided meditation that takes you into deep into the mind. You do the practice lying in savasana, so it is very relaxing. When we did it about half the class fell asleep. Which is fine! We laughed about it afterward.


The beauty of yoga nidra is it gives you a chance to really let go and connect. Because it is a guided meditation it is a very gentle way to begin, or return to meditating. Lying in savasana calms the body and makes this easy to do in any circumstance. You can even do it in bed, before you fall asleep!

Yoga Nidra Network has a collection of free nidras to introduce you to the practice. This is a wonderful way to quiet your mind and body after a busy week, or to relieve tension and anxiety.

Please try them and share your favourite in the comments!