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Self-care. Would you believe that in all the years of Yoga With Paul blog, I’ve never written a post with “self-care” in the title.self-care

In a sense, the whole blog is about self-care, so you could say there is no need to spell it out. On the other hand, self-care is something we should be consciously embracing.

Why? Because otherwise self-care can turn from something positive into just another line on the to-do list. What I mean is, when we make a decision to take care of ourselves by going to yoga, eating clean, meditating, or taking time to do an activity we love, it enhances our well-being. We go to yoga with the intention of healing and energising our bodies. We eat choose wholesome food to build us up. And so forth.

If we forget about self-care, yoga becomes another task, eating right is just a duty, hobbies get shoved aside because we’re too busy or too tired.

In other words, intention is everything.

When we approach our life and practice with the intention of self-care we experience the world differently. By being aware and respectful of our own needs, we become more sensitive to the needs of people around us. We learn to slow down and not judge.

Here’s my 5-step self-care challenge:

  1. Make a self-care inventory: What keeps you healthy, happy and sane?
  2. Write a list.
  3. Stick it someplace you can see it.
  4. Next time you’re struggling, read that list and pick one thing to do for yourself.
  5. Repeat as needed.

What’s your favourite self-care treat? Share in the comments or Tweet @YogaWithPaul