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What we do in our daily life can seem inconsequential. It’s just boring, ordinary, everyday stuff that doesn’t make any difference. Or does it?

The butterfly effect is the idea that the tiniest action can have unforeseen consequences. This video explains how the butterfly effect can influence history and human lives.

Why does it matter? Because it means we have the opportunity to change our lives, to change the world, with every single action. When we choose to go to yoga we are choosing to do something that will benefit our mind and body, so we have more energy and awareness to share compassion. When we smile at a stranger, help a friend, or make time for a family member, it spreads positive vibes.

We may not always see how things end up but that’s the whole point. Our small actions do have a big influence. It is up to us to do them, and let the universe unravel the result.

Share your story of a small action with a big result in the comments!