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What have you always wanted to know about yoga?

No matter how long you have been practicing yoga, there is probably something that you are curious about, or would like to improve. Maybe you have a question about a particular posture or breathing technique. Maybe you are interested in learning more about meditation and the spiritual side of yoga. Maybe you want to know how yoga influences your health, sleep patterns, or emotional state.

I cannot promise to have all the answers, but I can offer you the best of my understanding from years of studying, practicing and teaching yoga.


Ask a yoga teacher!

Normally students ask me questions in class or afterwards. This one-on-one approach is great for individual learning but the answers only go as far as the particular student.

Questions and answers via the
Yoga With Paul blog can go out
via @YogaWithPaul on Twitter, on the YogaWithPaul Instagram, and beyond, meaning they have the chance to reach more curious yogis.

So if you have a question about yoga, please ask via the comments or Tweet @YogaWithPaul. Your question is a gift to the yoga community — because if you’re wondering, someone else probably is too!

Please reach out and let me know what’s on your mind.