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This time of year is so hard on skin. I’m go from cycling in the cold to hot studios and centrally heated buildings and can testify it’s easy to wind up with dry, dull skin.

Of course, this same schedule prevents me taking elaborate measures but fortunately friends have recommended some great quick fixes over the years.

Natural moistureshea2

Skin dries out fast in winter so get a good moisturiser and use it a lot. Natural ingredients are nicer on your body, and the environment. Shea Alchemy is a London brand that uses from organic shea butter and other natural ingredients, and is a reasonable price. You can order it online. For truly pure, simple moisturising you can use straight coconut oil — a bargain and literally good enough to eat.

Dead Sea bath salts

Take time to indulge in a warm bath (not too hot, that can strip the oil from your skin) and add a big handful of Dead Sea salts. They are reputed to improve your skin’s protective abilities, reduce inflammation and boost hydration.

Eat your greens

…and red, orange, purple, blue and yellow fruit and veg! When you eat you are literally feeding your skin. Lots of vitamin rich foods fight inflammation from the inside, support your immune system, and provide electrolyte-rich hydration. Soups and stewed fruits are perfect winter comfort food.

standing bow 1

Strike a pose…

Hit the mat

Yoga regenerates and revitalises every part of your body, including your skin. Practicing hot yoga is a wonderful way to oxygenate your blood and get your circulation pumping which will bring fresh energy and glow to your skin. Sweat releases toxins and the meditation and focus will calm your mind and erase frown lines.

Have a favourite skin care product or tip? Share in the comments!