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Pema Chödrön is an American Buddhist nun. A friend recommended one of her books, Comfortable with Uncertainty.

Curious, I went to her website and found a wonderful short video message, recorded by Pema for her 80th birthday, on relaxing with impermanence.

We are all afraid of change and loss, at some level. We don’t want to lose our loved ones, our luxuries, our lifestyles, and — ultimately — we don’t want to lose our lives. But none of the things we love are going to last forever. Especially not our bodies.

Meditating and learning to be comfortable with the fact of changing, aging, impermanence, is a powerful practice. Yoga and meditation are two facets of the same experience, and bringing this awareness into the yoga studio adds a profound dimension to our experience as yogis.

Watch the video (it’s only eight minutes) and if you’re inspired, check out the book.