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Yoga With Paul blog is a yoga blog so I’m not going to say anything about today’s big political event. What I am going to say is that today is as good a day as any to think about how our actions and attitudes affect the lives of people around us.


I often remind students that their energy influences those around them. Positive effort is infectious; smiles are infectious; willingness to stumble and try again is infectious.

The opposite is true too. Frowns are contagious; negativity is contagious; getting discouraged is contagious.

This applies in yoga, and in daily life. Whatever we give out is what comes back. If we’re irritable or in a funk, folks catch our mood. If we shrug off a setback and say, “it’s okay, things will be better next time” that catches on too.

Instead of feeling helpless or hopeless about things we can’t control like wars, or suffering, or general elections, let’s focus on the things we can do. You have the power to change the world, one day, one person, one action at a time.

You can do something as simple as smile and hold a door for a stranger, or as challenging as volunteering for a cause that matters to you. Whatever you choose to do, practice it like yoga. Daily, or almost-daily. Small actions add up, kind words make a difference. Keep up the practice and you’ll be amazed how far the positivity flows.

Share your ideas for making positive change in the comments.