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We know that what we eat and how we move our bodies has a massive impact on our health but sometimes we forget what a drastic difference diet and exercise can make.

I was reminded of this by a Guardian article about ‘Fixing Dad’ a documentary film about two grown sons intervening to save their dad who was on the verge of having a foot amputated due to severe Type 2 diabetes. Full disclosure, I haven’t had time to watch the film yet, but just reading about it got me fired up over the importance of food and fitness.

“Dad” is Geoff Whitington who was diagnosed with Type 2 diabetes age 50. A decade later he was so ill and overweight he could hardly walk. As the Guardian sums it up:

In 2014, when Geoff was 62, his sons stepped in with their own special intervention that included a complete lifestyle overhaul, multiple health consultations, family holidays and heart-to-hearts, pacts, promises and pretty much constant rows. Two years later and 45kg (seven stone) lighter, Geoff raced through a 100-mile cycle ride from London to Surrey. He has now been taken off all his diabetes medication as well as his blood pressure pills.

He didn’t just lose weight, or get a little bit more mobile, or survive thanks to medication — he basically cured diabetes. By eating well and exercising. Wow.

It goes to show there is no such thing as too old or too sick. It is never too late to treat our bodies with respect and tap into their natural healing abilities. We’re made to be well. Our system does everything it can to keep going, even if abused with poor food choices, excessive alcohol, smoking, or lack of movement. The more care we take with what we eat, and the more we dedicate to a regular yoga practice and other forms of physical activity, the stronger and happier we can be.

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