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“Individual peace paves the way for world peace. The attainment of inner calm is the greatest work you can do for humanity” ~Sivananda

Maintaining a calm, positive mindset is difficult in the hectic days before Christmas at the best of times. It is even harder at the end of a tumultuous year that has seen so much antagonism and suffering around the world.

In the face of so much conflict and strife it is easy to feel helpless. Anything we can do seems relatively insignificant in the face of the world’s problems.

peacebudWhat can we do?

Get on the mat.

Yoga is a practice of peace and unity. To create peace and goodness in the world, we need to cultivate it in our own heart, mind and body first.

Every time we step into the studio, or take time for self practice, we are creating peace. The more dedicated we are, the more consistent and mindful our practice, the greater our capacity for connection.

Anxiety spreads. So does peace. We choose what we bring into the world.

Let’s commit to yoga practice and give the gift of peace this holiday season.

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