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I mentioned it on Twitter last week but in case you missed the Tweet, I highly recommend seeing The Radical Eye. This is a fantastic private collection of modernist photography from Sir Elton John’s personal collection and is currently on display at the Tate Modern.


Photo: via Tate Modern

The Radical Eye is a collection of about 150 vintage photos by over 70 great artists. Visually, it ranges from evocative to surreal. Dorthea Lange’s famous photos of Dustbowl families sit alongside art photography from the likes of Herbert Bayer and Alexander Rodchenko.

There is an incredible group of Man Ray photographs, which Sir Elton collected over the past twenty-five years, that includes his portraits of other seminal artists including Matisse, Picasso, and Breton.

The exhibition supports my theory that people who are incredibly creative in one art form are generally creative in many ways. From his 70s fashion statements to this photography collection, Sir Elton shows that a true artist is always creating something beautiful and memorable. Inspiring and highly recommended!

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