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Came across a lovely piece by Vinyasa practitioner Lisa Renee. It’s called Yoga Sucks but don’t let the title fool you. It is really a wry love letter to yoga that tells the (funny) truth about how some days you just don’t feel like it — but it’s always worth it.


I’m sharing a couple of my favourite paragraphs – please click to read the full piece.

First, I have to get myself out the door. Take stock of all my aches and pains, fears and misgivings and decide if today is a good day for yoga. A good day for 90 minutes of minor pains and difficult contortions, cramping and effort.

It isn’t, but I go anyway.

Sometimes it all kind of sucks, from start to finish. The knee hurts, there’s no balance, the mind chatters manically, I forget to breathe. Some days, I drag myself across the finish line dizzy and sore and wonder who exactly I think I am, at this advanced age, doing these odd strenuous things.

But some days — most days, actually, or I probably wouldn’t go back — there’s a moment. Some days it is just a moment — one precious moment. But some days it lasts, sometimes throughout the entire class (which is glorious and not to be forgotten). It is a moment when things click. The breath, the body, the mind, the music, the group — it clicks and soars. It’s an odd divine synergy of the body and mind that makes me feel strong and flexible, clear and grounded.

Okay, I know that sounds like yoga teacher bullshit and it kind of is. But it really happens. Like I said, sometimes fleeting, sometimes a 90-minute glow that I carry home with me. It’s like a thread of light and strength running from my feet to the crown of my head and I feel like everything will be okay.

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