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Seasonal colds and flu are a shortcut to feeling miserable. Luckily yoga can boost immunity and help you resist all the autumnal bugs and viruses drifting around.  These  four yoga tips for your immune system will help keep you healthy through winter.

Do it every day

Practicing warm Vinyasa flow or hot yoga daily is a fantastic immune boost. It heats your body and detox it from the inside out. Any type of yoga is better than no yoga, though. If you can’t make it to class do 15-20 minutes of sun salutations and stretches at home.



Breathe better

Our lungs are an important defence system so give them extra attention. In addition to breathing exercises in class take a short break two or three times a day and do some extra breathing. Pranayama is perfect for expelling stale air, while Kapalabhati detoxes and heats the body internally.

Focus on the core

Beach season is over, but don’t neglect your abdominals. The digestive system is crucial to immunity so take care to do plenty of asanas to strengthen and stimulate it. Try to do simple postures like Pavanamuktasana (wind-removing pose) and Adho Mukha Svanasa (downward-facing dog) for a few minutes each day.

Flip it

Inversions promote the circulation of lymph fluid. This lymphatic system transports immune cells through the body and works to detox the blood, so it is crucial for staying healthy. You can do shoulder-stands, headstands, or handstands. Or lie on your back with your bum next to the wall and your legs up for a gentle but effective inversion.

What is your favourite immune-boosting yoga pose? Share in the comments.