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Stress-reduction is one of the many great benefits of yoga. But we can’t avoid all stress, all the time. Sometimes, life is tough. We face big challenges and difficult decisions.

Since it’s inevitable, what if there is a way to makes stress work for you? I read a great article that suggests there is! I highly recommend reading the whole article but here are three helpful tips you can put into action right away.


Don’t Panic, Reframe

Many of the symptoms of anxiety and stress — dry mouth, racing heart — are the same as excitement. And studies have found that when people are put in stressful situations such as public speaking or singing karaoke, telling yourself to calm down can actually backfire.

Instead, those who reframe the situation as exciting and ride the wave of stress are better equipped to handle it.

Treat it as a Learning Experience

With a fixed mindset, you believe that the things happening to you or the way you feel can’t be changed. This fatalistic approach holds you back from being able to change the way you see a situation.

On the other hand, people with a growth mindset see potential failure as a chance to learn. They’re the ones who can turn stress into excitement and find that sweet spot where stress actually enhances performance.

Focus on Your Strengths

So, rather than letting your negative self-doubt run wild, you need to recognize when you’re going down this negative path and stop yourself.

Write down all of the things that counter your self-doubt. Writing strengthens memory, and the more you commit to reframing doubt as confidence, the more you’re able to veer off that ski course you’ve been on.

What is your best tip for using stress to your advantage? Share in the comments!

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