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An amazing story for you today! My friend Puneet is a long-time yoga student. He recently brought a box of delicious organic apples in all shapes, sizes and colours to share at the yoga studio.

10,000 Apples in exchange for 10,000 Smiles

“10,000 apples in exchange for 10,000 smiles, all our apples are shared with the people and all we ask for is a smile” by The Film Artist

Why apples? It turns out this dedicated, modest yogi runs a very special orchard.

“We have more than 400 trees, 20 varieties and all the apples are grown with no chemical applications at all. We just pick the good ones,” he explained. “My main job is working in a GP practice so we always give them for free to our patients, this year we gave away nearly 3,000 apples. We also provide them to food banks, local coffee shops and charitable events. Picking apples is a good way to bring people of all ages together. Everyone is happy to be a part of it and they really love making all those pies and juices. The kids always want more.”

The orchard is just the beginning. Puneet, inspired by his late father who he describes as “truly a kind man who always put generosity first” also grows commercial crops on the farm and reinvests in the community. He started making films of the farm and his travels, and has created an uplifting collection of films on Vimeo from The Film Artist.

‘Our Orchard’ made when the orchard was very young

His motivation is always to spread encouragement and enlightenment. For a small sample of Puneet’s work, check out the following links

‘Be Sunset Tree’ the poem at the beginning is influence by yoga and your teachings
‘Finding Aurora’ made from 50,000 photos in Iceland
‘Earthlapse Satymevajayte’ this one was shared by NASA

Where does yoga fit? Puneet says, “I am very proud to have found yoga and kept with it for all these years. As I practice more I have learnt new thing and have found an inner strength to support me in all the things I do. I regard yoga as an integral part of my life and something I will always have regardless of what material possessions I have. It has given me hope and made me more disciplined.”

The essence of yoga is to go beyond dedication to the physical practice and share kindness and compassion with those around you. Regardless of what we do, we all have “apples” — some gift of time, talent or material goods that we can give generously to others.

What’s your “apple”? Please share in the comments.