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I read a touching post recently on 4 Things to Remember When Life Feels Hopeless.

As I grew stronger in handling life’s curve balls, I was grateful that I had developed this invaluable life skill at a young age so I can have the rest of my life to benefit from it. While maintaining a thankful heart, I realized that even in dark times there are stars we can gaze upon.

Every life, however blessed or fortunate, has tough patches. This article reminded me of periods of grief and uncertainty where I really wasn’t sure how to move forward. In those times, yoga became a comfort and a tool to find stillness.


My yoga journey, like yours, began as a student. It was new, challenging and even frustrating, but intensely rewarding. For every posture I struggled with there were ones where I could feel my mind and body aligning in a profound way.

This spurred the curiosity to study. Bikram yoga teacher training, Dharma Mittra teacher training… Different practices illuminated different aspects of the mind-body dynamic. Learning became teaching, which is the biggest learning experience of all.

Right now I am doing Sangyé teacher training. It is a vigorous, meditative, spiritual practice that is pushing me to develop in new directions. I’ve started teaching as well, which has brought a joyful new challenge to my practice.

Yoga has taught me that there is always a path through difficult times — and it lies in learning. Learning to stretch, learning to ask for help, learning to commit to daily practice, learning to have perspective and grace.

Share your experiences of finding hope in hard times in the comments.