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Call me biased, but London Fashion Week is my favourite of the big European style events. Londoners have such unique, quirky fashion sense. They’re brave! I worked in fashion for many years and love how people express themselves through clothes and accessories.

One of the big differences when I initially changed career to become a yoga teacher was how bland yoga clothing was. Particularly for men, who were relegated to baggy shorts and tee-shirts. Fortunately a lot has changed.

I’m used to seeing the difference between when students arrive at the studio to an early morning class and how they look leaving. It is a total transformation. They put so much effort into preparation and presentation for the day: clothes, shoes, hair-style, make-up, accessories (and not just the women!)



It is great to see that same creativity and fun sense of self coming to light in the yoga studio. Now there are so many cool, stylish, niche brands that everyone can find a look that expresses who they are during yoga. Not, of course, that the point of yoga is appearance, but there is a value in feeling comfortable and confident.

Yoga Rebel is a shop with cool brands like Alo Yoga, Dharma Bums and Onzie.

Yogangster has great studio and casual gear for men and women.

Ohmme makes technical, stylish yoga gear especially for men.


Ohmme Yoga 

What’s your favourite yoga gear?
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