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It is always exciting to support the work of friends and students — especially when they are promoting wellness!


Raw Beet is a cookbook featuring gluten free, vegan, raw and low GI recipes, co-authored by the wonderful Rachel Martino. She has made a guest appearance or two on the blog before, and is a long-time yogi, registered nutritional therapist, and makes amazing, melt-in-your-mouth raw chocolates, among other things.

Rachel is one of those people who always has a handful of great projects so it is no surprise she has added cookery writing to her repertoire. Raw Beet is a charity cookbook that supports Blues In Schools, which teaches young people who have emotional or behaviour difficulties to cook. Its whole foods, clean eating focus highlights the importance of good nutrition for overall physical and mental well-being.

The recipes Rachel contributed include a raw beetroot ravioli with pesto, ‘sour cream’ and fresh pomegranate seeds; sumac and avocado dressing; raw green tea ice cream; and a bunch of delicious juices and smoothies.

Pop to Amazon to pick up a copy and share your thoughts in the comments!