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Yoga helps and heals your body, no matter how hard you work. American runner Desi Linden has competed in the last two Olympic marathons, placing 7th in Rio. Marathon running is simple but grueling. Elite runners like Desi often run more than 100 miles a week. This puts tremendous strain on the body. Linden wound up with a stress fracture in her femur after training for the London Olympic marathon but came back strong.

desi linden

Her top tip? Doing yoga. Linden told Outside magazine that she regularly practices yoga. “It combines stretching and strength (both of which are very important for preventing injuries) in a fun activity. It’s a great way to ensure you stay on top of the little things.”

She has the mental attitude that you would expect from a yogi, saying: “I’m super competitive. Outside of that, I don’t really care much if people notice me or whatever. I just do the work.”

This is the mark of an individual who understands and embraces the ethos of yoga. Linden’s discipline and success spring not from wanting to be noticed, but from her commitment to daily practice.

Whether or not we run marathons, this approach is the key to success. If we commit ourselves to doing the work, we will always make progress. In the studio and in life!

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