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After plenty of toing and froing, and lots of waiting, the Night Tube is finally launching in London on 19 August. The long anticipated entry into the realm of 24-hour Underground transport comes a bit late for many of us — unless 3AM yoga classes become the norm I’m not likely to be out at that hour on too many occasions .


However, whether we use it often or not, the 24-hour Tube is a sign of good health for our city. It signals openness, quite literally; growth; willingness to change; adaptation to the needs of its citizens; energy. The Night Tube is what London would do if London were a yogi.

In a small way, I think that those of us who call the city home, and who strive to make growth, openness, adaptation and flexibility part of our way of being, have something to do with the city’s responsiveness. Maybe we can’t quite take credit for the Night Tube, but let’s just say our collective consciousness is on the right wavelength to make it happen 🙂

With that in mind… let’s celebrate this new development and the freedom it lends to us and our fellow Londoners. At least once, stay up late and see where it takes you…

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