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We need to do less and be more.

Our daily lives are full of doing. We write “to do” lists. We dash between work, home, socialising and the yoga studio. Even in the studio we can get caught up in what we’re doing — thinking ahead to the next posture or comparing our efforts to those around us.


Our “doing” is rewarded by the satisfaction of crossing an item off the list, or going a little further than we did yesterday. It is easy to get addicted to this reward and to start doing things without thinking about why we do them. Worse, we ignore or forget other aspects of our lives and personal development.

Doing can only take you so far. Real peace and joy come from living in the present. And real growth happens when we take time to examine and reflect on our lives.

Learning to be is a skill. We are taught from childhood to do, but we have to teach ourselves how to be. These four tips from Yoga Abode will help you be more and do less.

  1. Don’t multi-task! It’s better to do one thing well, rather than many things badly.
  2. When you walk, consciously feel your feet on the ground; note your posture and breathing.
  3. Rest between activities, rather than rushing from one to another.
  4. When you are stressed, take three complete in-breaths, and three complete out-breaths. Use a longer exhale, to take you out of flight-or-fight mode.

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