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Did you catch the Big Dance event in Trafalgar Square at the weekend? One thousand Londoners of all ages, races, shapes and sizes dancing together. Pretty amazing.

big dance

Dance is one of the most powerful ways we have to express unity and joy. Like yoga, it is one of the fundamental ways we connect with ourselves and each other.

There are still loads of Big Dance 2016 activities coming up in London, and across the UK, as it runs until 10 September. Events this week include The London Bridge City Summer Festival, Street Dance for Toddlers, and a dance-and-science evening exploring how scientists believe motor neurons work. For a full list of activities click here.

If you’re already a dancer, or involved in an organisation that does dance, you can get involved and organise an event that inspires people to get dancing. The Big Dance Hub has more information about how to be involved.

If you’re not a dancer, now is a great time to discover how amazing dance is. Like yoga, it is an integrated practice that will change your mind, body and point of view.

Keep dancing!