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The first 2016 Yoga Holiday With Paul is rapidly approaching. If you’re joining us, you are probably making a mental list of yoga outfits, beachwear and products to pack. Even more important is what you leave behind. Here are four things you can ditch to make your emotional and mental baggage a thousand times lighter, and help you get the most out of your yoga holiday in the sun.

Warrior Beach


Yoga Holiday With Paul is the ideal time to disconnect from your worries. You probably don’t even realise how much you worry – about work, family, money, friendships, even yoga. Make a conscious decision to put aside worry and focus on being in the present moment. You are enough. You have enough. You are cared for. Let yourself relax.


Set aside your competitive instincts when you come into the yoga studio. It can be tempting to see how far you can push your practice during a yoga holiday, simply because you have the time to devote to it. But don’t get caught up in wanting to do more, or be more precise, than the next person. Your goal in yoga is to make progress at your own pace and to listen to your body.


Perfectionism is related to competitiveness, but often has a reverse effect. While competitiveness drives people to try more and harder, perfectionism freezes students in their tracks. They are afraid of not doing a move “correctly” or not keeping up, so they don’t even try. Don’t let perfectionism ruin the opportunity you have to go deep and enhance your practice. It’s okay to make mistakes. It’s okay to ask questions. That’s what I’m here for so don’t be afraid to admit if you need extra guidance.

iPhone Addiction

It’s great to be connected, but not all the time. Make Yoga Holiday With Paul a true retreat by cutting out, or at least cutting down, on the time you spend on your smartphone. Twitter, Instagram, Facebook… whatever your fix, it’ll be there at the end of the week. Take this time to step away from incessant notifications and be fully present.

What else would you leave behind? Suggestions in the comments please!