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Have you heard about London’s avocado pop-up experience? From cocktails to desserts, these pop-ups serve nothing but avocado-based dishes, and drinks.

avocado pop up

The pop-ups are run by the Meredith Collective, whose website says:

The first of its kind ‘Avo-Brunch Pop-Up’ will be celebrating the brilliance of the our favourite food with a 5 course avocado inspired brunch menu for guests to experience with fun cocktails and a DJ playing weekend-disco for post brunch entertainment.

We flippin’ love avocados and now are going to celebrate them in every possible way.

As well as the five-course avocado tasting menu guests will be welcomed with an avocado margarita on arrival  and not only that, because the journey can’t end there, everyone who attends will received a grow your own avocado kit to take home.

While I love avocado in all forms (avocado cocktails, why not?) this is perhaps an example of taking a good thing too far. As food trends go, five courses of avocado is certainly healthier and more appealing than, say, doughnuts topped with bacon. However diversity is essential for good health — in food as much as in society.

Our bodies (and minds) need the nutrients and stimulation they get from having a wide variety of foods, and experiences. It is tempting to fixate on eating a certain way, or sticking to a certain exercise plan. But what we really need is balance, variety and challenge. Avocados are amazing. So is yoga. We also need the occasional glass of wine and night on the sofa. It’s okay to go all-out with something occasionally and savour a five-course feast, but day by day we’ll be happier and healthier if we mix things up.

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