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In yoga, there is always another pose to master. Crow pose (kakasana) is a forearm balance pose which challenges you to develop tremendous concentration, core strength and confidence. A lot of students have a tough time to start with because they’re afraid of face-planting onto the mat! The Yoga Journal has three great quick tips for developing your confidence and technique so you can fly in this pose.


To come into Crow Pose from standing, squat down and place your hands flat on your mat about shoulder-width apart with the fingers spread wide. Now, keep the hands and feet where they are but lift the hips way up toward the sky, bend the knees and lift the heels off the floor so just the balls of the feet are down. Gently press the knees in to the backs of the triceps and begin to shift your weight into the fingertips, picking one foot at a time off the floor. Bend the elbows if necessary for balance. Use the core to draw the navel in toward the spine to stabilize and find that “lift” in the center of the body that eventually allows you to straighten the elbows and hold. Be sure to bring your gaze just between the hands to maintain balance.


Fear: “But what if I face-plant?!”

Modification: Block under forehead

The biggest fear in Crow? The face-plant! When you’re trying to find your center of gravity, it’s pretty easy to lose sight of your focal point and fall forward. Before you come into Crow, place a foam block about 4–5 inches in front of your fingertips at the center of your mat. As you practice coming into Crow, let yourself lean forward without fear, knowing your forehead will touch a squishy block before hitting the mat or hardwood. Much nicer, trust me! This modification not only creates a safety net but also quickly gives you feedback when you’re slightly off center. Play it safe without missing out on the fun of trying.

Head to the Yoga Journal for more great tips on Crow Pose

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