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Our annual Yoga Holiday With Paul is fast approaching (can it be we’re halfway to June almost?!) There are only a few spaces left. If you have any of the six signs of needing a yoga retreat email YogaHolidayWithPaul@gmail.com to reserve your spot!

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(Thanks to It’s Time To Log Off for inspiring some of these tips!)

1) You’re stressed

If your first thought is “I’m always stressed” you definitely need a break. Yoga Holiday With Paul takes you away from the daily strain of commuting, work and personal commitments. It allows you to rest and focus deeply on restoring your physical and mental energy through twice-daily yoga sessions plus meditation and free time.

2) You’re too tired for yoga

If the thought of doing two yoga sessions a day makes you want to crawl under your mat, you probably need a retreat. Yoga, unlike the demands of your daily life, revitalises and restores. Yes, it’s a physical challenge, but you will be amazed at how quickly it revives you and gives you new energy.

3) You can’t focus

When you’re tired and stressed it is hard to concentrate. This affects every part of your life, from work to hobbies to relationships. Getting away from your routine and spending time every day on focused breathing, meditation and asanas will help you find fresh focus. The techniques you learn will help you when you get back to the “real world” too!

4) You feel stiff and achy

If you spend your day at a desk, or doing repetitive tasks, you probably have a few aches and pains. Maybe it’s your lower back, or your wrists, or you struggle to touch your toes. The truth is daily running around doesn’t help fitness and flexibility. Dedicating yourself to a yoga retreat is a chance to make a significant change in your body, to increase your flexibility and revive tired muscles.

5) You’re sad/angry/depressed/anxious/frustrated/bored etc

Our emotions are tied to our physical well-being. If you regularly struggle with sadness, frustration, anxiety or just plain boredom, it’s a warning sign that things in your life are out of balance. Yoga Holiday With Paul is a space where you can integrate your mind and body, rediscover the joy of movement and tranquility, gain perspective on your life, and look at ways you can make changes for the better.

6) You need some time to yourself

Feel overwhelmed by the demands of bosses, partners, kids, or friends? A yoga retreat is the ideal opportunity to combine alone time with the uplifting experience of group yoga sessions. You’ll find the daily classes give you a chance to be with other people and share positive energy, without placing any expectations on yourself. In your free time you can be as quiet or social as you like (our groups tend to make friends quickly!)

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Email YogaHolidayWithPaul@gmail.com to reserve your spot!