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The New York Times published an article this week called ‘Yoga For the Showoff’ about the popularity of headstands and handstands. Tongue in cheek, for sure. But is the gentle dig fair comment? Does wanting to do a headstand or handstand automatically make you a  showff?


Just last week I blogged about the benefits of headstand and as a teacher I stand by it. There are many ways inversion strengthens and supports the physical body. On that basis, even if you did headstands or handstands purely to showoff they would still make a contribution to your well being.

On a mental level, what’s wrong with being thrilled and energised by doing inversions? They’re fun. They give you a new perspective. They make you feel like a kid again. They give you confidence. That new-found confidence might mean that you more willing to speak up, stand up, take on a challenge, or assert yourself in a difficult situation. That’s not being a showoff, it’s being a strong, confident person, in mind and body.

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photo credit: IMG_20160103_165914 via photopin (license)