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Cycling is my preferred method of navigating London and it’s always great this time of year — more daylight, better weather, and a general upswing in people’s moods which means (hopefully) less angst on the road.

If you’re a cyclist, or want to start, there are loads of great rides and events you can find out about via the London Cycling Campaign. These range from organised rides to bike repair workshops. They take place all over London, so you’re bound to find one near you.

london cycling

Here are a couple that look good:

Lewisham Cyclists Mend and Ride Workshop
Young Lewisham Project, 124, Kilmorie Rd SE23 2SR
Lewisham Cyclists’ drop in cycle maintenance project. It is a workshop space with a good selection of tools, and advice and help available from our volunteers plus a qualified bike mechanic.

It is not a bike repair shop, it is a space where you will be helped to mend your own bike, getting it back on the road while learning the skills to keep it there.

You will be shown how to check your bike and then how to do any necessary repair yourself. While you’re waiting for your turn, you can observe what others are doing and sample a piece of our cake. We supply the tools and some basic spare parts (brake pads, cables, inner tubes, repair kits) which you can buy at cost price. If your bike needs a part we haven’t got, then you can bring it with you to the next workshop and we can help you fit it then.

Newcomers Ride, Walthamstow
The Walthamstow Family Bike Club is launching its ‘Newcomers Ride’ which take place on the 3rd Sunday every month from March to October.

It is intended for those new to cycling, including families with young children, and will especially appeal to those who don’t have the stamina or confidence for our longer excursions on the 2nd Sunday each month.

We’ll ride around the quiet streets in Walthamstow Village, and depending on the participants may cover as much as 5 miles (but it is likely to be considerably less). Before we set off we’ll do a quick check on all bikes to ensure they are roadworthy.

Click here for the full list of events and activities.