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Returning to a practice after a break – whether a couple weeks, months, or even years – is a unique challenge. The good thing about coming is that you have an understanding of yoga. You know the benefits. You are motivated to return to yoga because it is something you love and it enriches your life.

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The hard part is that you also have expectations a beginner doesn’t. Poses that used to be easy will be hard, or impossible. You may get frustrated at having less flexibility and stamina. Maybe you gained weight, or lost strength. It can be discouraging to come back and compare yourself to how things used to be.

The solution? Just don’t. Don’t compare. Don’t judge. Don’t have expectations.

Yoga practice begins every single time you step onto the mat. Whether the last time was yesterday or last year. Your goal is to focus on the breathe and treat every posture as a new experience – because it is. Each day is different, you are different every day. Accept that with love and don’t let your worries about how “good” you used to be hold you back from being your best.

Remember: Breathe. Take it slow. Rest when needed. And remember the words of Sri K. Pattabhi Jois: “Practice and all is coming.” 

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