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Hot yoga is a high-intensity, high-energy activity, which is great, unless you are too busy or exhausted to make it to the studio. You don’t have to take a full class to get the energising benefits of yoga, or even leave your house. I found a great post on Yoga for when you’re really tired on Yoga With Chris, which has some good ideas, and postures, for restorative yoga.

Here are two of the poses Chris suggests. For more poses read the whole post here.

1. Instant MauiIMAG0316: This has all the benefits of an inversion, calming the nervous system physically and mentally. It is also a very gentle back bend, bringing relief to neck and shoulders.

  • Lie down and rest your calves on a chair or sofa.
  • Lift your hips off the floor and place a firm folded blanket, yoga block or thick book under your back. Position it so that it is supporting both your sacrum (middle of the back of the pelvis) and your lower ribs. Your tailbone and pubic bone should be sinking down towards the floor, not lifting up. Adjust until comfotable.
  • Tuck chin slightly so it’s not sticking up in the air.
  • Cover yourself to keep warm and dark
  • Stay here for as long as you’re comfortable – up to 30 minutes


IMAG03202. Savasana – with legs raised: Who doesn’t love savasana (corpse pose)? But raise the legs and it’s even lovelier. Your body doesn’t have to work so hard pumping fluids from your legs back to your vital organs, so your whole system slows down, which in turn tells the mind that you’re safe, causing it too to quieten.

  • Lie down and rest your calves on a sofa or chair.

  • Rest your head back onto a folded blanket and tuck the edges under to really support your neck. It’s worth experimenting with this until it’s just right

  • Rest arms out to the side or on belly.

  • Cover body and eyes and just be for as long as you’ve got!

Questions or thoughts about restorative yoga? Ask in the comments!