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Next time you practice yoga stop and ask yourself: What’s your best yoga pose?


Not best in a competitive sense but best for how you feel in the pose, or the sensation it gives you afterwards. Then ask yourself why you think it’s your best pose.

The answer will reveal something about where you are in your practice.

Is your best pose is one that comes easily? This is normal — we all like to feel a sense of achievement — however, beware of competitiveness. If our “best” poses are only best because they are better than someone else’s we are still comparing ourselves to others, which is not the goal of yoga.

Is your best pose one that you recently learned or improved upon? This indicates you are committed and eager to learn, which is a wonderful trait. Practicing a new posture can give great confidence and satisfaction, especially if it opens a new dimension of physical experience, such as inversions, or balancing poses.

Is your best pose one you find difficult? This is the sign of dedication and determination. Often the poses we find hard are exactly the ones our body and mind need the most, so if you are able to find joy in these challenging poses you are on your way to deepening your experience of yoga.

Is your best pose different every day? This means you love to explore and are attuned to different needs of your physical and mental being in each class. Be open to these experiences and enjoy the freshness of each new favourite.

Tell us about your best yoga pose – and why you like it – in the comments!