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Whether you occasionally do yoga at home or would like to start, a home yoga space is an inspiring way to expand your practice. It is a contrast to the energy of a studio class and helps to make the calming mind-body benefits of yoga part of your every day life.

Here are 4 essentials to create a space that will enhance both your practice and your home.  home yoga space

Clear Out: You don’t need a lot of space, but you do need an uncluttered area where you can do postures comfortably and safely. Move breakable objects and give yourself enough space that if you tumble out of a posture you don’t bash against the furniture.

Brighten Up: Increasing the light in the room can lift your mood and makes the space feel more special. A simple standing lamp with a coloured shade will separate and define your yoga corner.

Get Equipped: A yoga mat and towel are essential. Depending on your practice you might also want to add stretching straps, blocks, or a blanket.

Set Boundaries: Yoga space is about more than a physical boundaries: it is about making mental and emotional space for your practice in your busy life. Once you’ve set up your home yoga area try to preserve it as a special place in your home. Practice there at least once or twice a week to reinforce its importance in your life.

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photo credit: Padmasana Ajna Chakra via photopin (license)