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We all have the odd day where we just want to eat, eat and eat — especially carb-rich foods like pasta, bread or cake.IMG_4181

The next time you have one of those days, ask: Are you hungry, tired or thirsty?

Studies show that tired people crave high-carb foods, and are less able to resist over-eating. If you are slightly dehydrated, you may feel “hungry” when your body is actually craving liquid.

Regular hot yoga practice is a wonderful thing but, combined with busy schedules, you may find yourself over-tired from time to time, or may forget to hydrate properly before and after class. And the clue might be the fact the office biscuit tin is suddenly irresistible.

If you find yourself over-eating on carbs, or craving sugar even when you’ve eaten a proper meal, take a few minutes to think about your day. Drink a glass or two of water. Then, if you can, take a break or go for a short stroll to refresh yourself.

There is nothing wrong with the occasional feast day, but eating should make you feel strong and happy. Which won’t happen if you’re eating to counteract or mask the effects of underlying sleep deprivation or dehydration. The only thing that will truly help in those cases is A) rest and B) rehydrating!

Listen to your body, pay attention, and do your best to give it what it needs — not just the temporary fix it craves. This will improve your yoga practice and your daily life.

What are your food cravings? How do you handle them? Share in the comments.