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Vibeka, one of our lovely yogis on the 2015 Yoga Holiday With Paul retreat, wrote this piece about her experience.


Vibeka & Paul

To join the 2106 retreat email: YogaHolidayWithPaul@gmail.com

The bustle of city life becomes a faint memory on the Yoga With Paul holiday. Imagine fruit orchards where you pick fresh figs or oranges still warm from the sun, lovingly converted farm buildings with a personal pool and twice daily yoga and meditation.

Each day is different and inspiring. Some days have yoga with music that weaves seamlessly into the practice. Each tune is selected to fit the yoga poses, and after a few sessions you start to flow with the beats. Silent mediation before each class also adds a new dimension, helping ease you into a strong, balanced yoga practice.

Poses you may have been doing for years become more open and free with Paul’s support. You’ll also learn new types of yoga, improve your breathing technique and do a bit of dancing. One person described feeling ‘high’ towards the end, as the energy and breathing of the class united and the yoga moves synchronized.

But it’s not all about the yoga. The nearest beach, easily accessible by car or bike, is not a tourist trap, allowing for pure and quiet relaxation by the sea. The retreat centre offers daily massages; the pool is a great place to catch up on a book or some rest. I came on my own and easily made holiday pals to take trips to the beach with and have bike rides.

Special note must be made about the food. The cooks varied and tasty vegetarian cuisine is a delight for foodies, and designed to energise and aid the yoga practice. Some of the favourites were cauliflower rice tabbouleh and banana bread with coconut cream.

Yoga With Paul is a great holiday to relax and improve your yoga practice at the same time. While the emphasis is on exercise and health, there is plenty of time for the beach and the evenings provide a great opportunity for a glass of wine and good conversation at the communal meal.

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To reserve your place or for more information email: YogaHolidayWithPaul@gmail.com