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To improve your practice talking (before or after class!) is the best and quickest way to get the direction you need. 


I do my best to offer corrections in class, but no teacher can watch every single posture by every student. More importantly, teachers are not mind readers. Things you find difficult, or don’t understand, or would like to work on might not be obvious and visible. The only way a teacher can help is if we know your concern!

So please, take the time to come a bit early, or stay a few minutes after class, and ask questions, or tell me what’s on your mind. You may think you’re doing something wrong when it is just fine; a minor adjustment might give you new strength and confidence; you might learn something new about a posture that will help you go deeper.

It is easy to rush into class, do your yoga, rush out to shower and go on to the rest of your day, but taking the time to talk can change your practice and outlook for the better.

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