Ten days till Christmas … and no doubt several weeks worth of socialising, shopping, sorting, cooking, cleaning, organising, wrapping… Whatever your holiday observance, this time of year is hectic and tends to affect our yoga practice.christmas tree pose

Many of us travel, studios are shut or running on limited hours. Public transport is busier than ever. In short: it can be hard to get to yoga, just when we need it the most to stay calm, fit, and mindful.

Self-practice is the perfect DIY yoga solution. Whether you do Bikram, Vinyasa, you can easily practice at home.

These are my three tips for successful self-practice over the holidays:

  1. Streamline the sequence: You don’t have to do a full 90 minutes to get the benefits. Feel free to cut down to 60, 45 or even 30 minutes.
  2. Work the right way: If you’re doing a short sequence, you still need to practice postures in the right order. Warm up with pranayama and the Bikram opening sequence, or some sun salutations, before attempting any challenging asanas.
  3. Meditate, meditate: If the world is in a spin, lie down in savasana and let it all go. Stress builds up fast during the holidays. Embracing the mindfulness and meditation of yoga will keep you grounded, and take off the strain.

How do you keep your holiday cool? Share in the comments.