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Yoga is a practice where the more you give the more you get: on the mat, and in daily life.

Stepping into the studio is an opportunity to push yourself and find new reserves of energy, flexibility, mindfulness. Yoga teaches us that the harder we work and the more we give, the greater the benefit.


Taking that awareness out of the studio and into our lives is a whole new way of seeing the world. We learn that the more we give, the more we grow; the wider our horizons get.

This holiday season, if you’re running around shopping (or sitting at your computer, clicking away) take some time to think about what giving means — and the ways that giving enriches both the giver and receiver.

Material gifts are only one way of expressing love. Maybe this year, instead of giving things, you can give experiences: take a friend for a special lunch, spend a day with a relative you don’t see often, volunteer at a local charity for a few hours. The most valuable gift one person can give another is love, time and attention.

If you get caught up in the stress of trying to buy the perfect gift, stop and breathe. Giving is like yoga: a practice. Cultivate generosity and kindness every day and you’ll be surprised at how rich giving can make you feel.


Suggestions for non-material gifts? Volunteer opportunities? Ways to give back? Share in the comments!