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We all carry more baggage this time of year, literally. Whether you’re carrying extra clothes to stay warm after yoga, lugging home a turkey, or wrestling with armfuls of shopping bags, your shoulders are working harder than usual.

Our shoulder joints are large and loose, giving great flexibility. This can also make them prone to aches and pains. Paying extra attention to your shoulders in yoga class can help prevent any injuries from occurring.

Here are 5 yoga poses that are especially good for your shoulders:

Eagle pose: Deep stretching for your shoulders. Actively work your arms down to get the maximum benefits.

Standing bow pulling pose: An intense shoulder stretch, when done properly. Remember to let the kick drive the posture and relax your shoulder to allow it to be pulled back.

Balancing stick pose: A great strengthener. Focus on keeping your arms straight, strong and stretching forward.


Half-tortoise pose: All-round good pose for core, back and shoulders. Keep your heels together and back straight as you come in and out of the posture, and actively stretch forward.

Spine-twisting posture: Done properly, this is a wonderful opener for your whole back and shoulders. Keep your belly sucked in, your spine straight and your shoulders level as you rotate.

Questions about how to heal or strengthen your shoulders? Ask in the comments!



‘How to Heal (And Prevent) Shoulder Injuries’