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This time of year, especially, it can be hard to find time for yoga. Or so it seems. But the truth is, we can practice yoga 24-hours a day, 7 days a week, if we choose.

unity quote

Yoga means “unity” and the first step towards a 24/7 yoga practice is erasing the separation between yoga and not-yoga.

When does your yoga practice start: When you put on your costume? When you lie on your mat? When we begin the first breathing exercise?

When does it finish: After savasana? After a shower? When you walk out the studio door?

Instead of thinking of yoga as something we do, at a specific place and time, we must open our minds and hearts to yoga as a way of being.  If we choose, we can practice yoga from the moment we wake up to the moment we fall asleep. We can choose to be mindful as we eat, commute, work, socialise, and especially as we practice physical asanas.

Rather than rushing through our days with stress, anxiety and frustration, we can face every situation with the calm of yoga. We can accept every situation as a small but integral part of the unity of our existence.

Yoga is always available. It is as big as we allow it to be. During the busy weeks of the holidays, let yoga permeate every part of your life – and see what happens.

Share your experiences of the bigness of yoga in the comments.