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The holidays are traditionally a season of excess, bustle and overload. This great post from No Meat athlete suggests an alternative: using December to get a jump on those New Year’s resolutions – and discovering a greater sense of calm and focus.


Instead of waiting until January 1st (to start running, actually), I started in the middle of December.

Not because it was convenient. Not because I didn’t have the same
holiday parties and visitors as every other year.

No, I just did it because I was tired of failing.

And … it worked! When January 1 rolled around and I “officially” started running, I had already been doing it for two weeks. When the New Year’s crowd started showing up on the roads and at the gym, I felt like old pro.

And finally, the habit stuck.

Since then, December has become my favorite “change” month of the year. December 1st is my New Year’s, the signal that it’s time to get
down to business … because January 1st is going to be here soon.

So if you’re frustrated with the New Year’s routine, try something
different this time.

Make December YOUR month. You might still “officially” start
something on January 1st, but how much better could you be with a full month to prepare for it?

You could use December to make the plans, create the accountability,
or just to have the patience to finally start small, knowing that any progress you make between now and January  is pure gravy.

Or one more idea: Commit to just one tiny habit throughout the month of December, but own it. Don’t miss a day, not even Christmas. Start small — two or five minutes a day at first first is plenty — and gradually build from there.

Share your “December resolution” in the comments!