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Building and maintaining strong core muscles improves your health, posture and sense of well-being. We spend a lot of time, in Bikram yoga in particular, working on the muscles surrounding the spine and on the abdominals.

At every point in the class, I encourage you to focus on holding in your stomach and maintaining correct posture and alignment to get all your muscles working. These poses are especially important in the sequence for improving your core.


awkwardTip: Draw your navel back to your spine and hold it in as you move through the posture.

Balancing Stick:IMG_0638Tip: Actively tighten your abdominals as you stretch forward and back.


triangle poseTip: Pull your belly in tight before you move your arms.


cobra poseTip: Keep heels and knees together and tighten your butt to get maximum lift.

Spine Twisting:

spine twistTip: Take a deep conscious inhalation and contract your abs as you begin the stretch. Hold them in throughout.

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