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I love the news that Gatwick Airport has launched a free pre-flight video class for long-haul passengers.

Floga Studio, Gatwick

Floga Studio, Gatwick

There will be a 20-minute video class show on loop in the “floga” lounge in the South Terminal. It’s designed to help improve circulation and digestion, which are put under stress in the air.

Shona Vertue, the instructor who developed the video, said “I am a frequent and nervous flyer and I know the physical side effects of long-haul flying. [It] puts a huge amount of strain on the body and in particular the digestive system and circulation. If you address that before the flight you will obviously feel so much better when you get off the plane.”

No matter what airport you’re at, doing yoga can help you stay flexible, relaxed and keep your digestive system functioning. If you don’t have a dedicated yoga space, find a quiet corner where you can breathe and stretch.