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I love practicing other styles of yoga, especially Vinyasa yoga. It complements the Bikram method.  Bikram & Vinyasa are genres that originate from Hatha Yoga.  These two styles of yoga represent a powerful sequence. Both methods of yoga teach awareness, balance and connection of the body through movement and breath. Once you have mastered the breath, you are close to mastering the mind.

In the Bikram method, there are a set of asanas or postures and breathing exercises. The Vinyasa method synchronises asanas which are linked together with sun salutations, given the name Vinyasa Flow or Flow Yoga.


Flow Yoga is performed with grace and dance-like movements, maintaining calm and self-control through out the sequence. The class includes meditation, pranayama breathing, flowing Vinyasa sequence and deep savasana (relaxation). Flow Yoga will enhance the Bikram practice giving awareness of movement meditation.

A selected playlist of music will be played. Music can calm and uplift you when the yoga practice becomes challenging.

I’m looking forward to seeing lots of familiar faces in class, as well as new.
You can book classes online, or drop-in.

Join me as from Thursday evening 5th November at 6.30pm till 8pm at Hot Bikram Yoga London bridge.