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We had a brilliant week on the Yoga With Paul 2015 retreat. I’m happy to share some of the photos and words from our fantastic group of yogis … The following is an excerpt from our Yoga Holiday With Paul 2015 Memoir. Hope you enjoy it and plan to join us next year!


The theme of this year’s yoga holiday annual is the eight limbs of yoga:

The retreat was another wonderful week of growing, learning and enjoying life to the full with old friends and new. This year the memoir looks at how the retreat embodied the eight limbs of yoga – and offer suggestions for you to grow in your yoga practice through the coming year. Enjoy the words, images and inspiration!

Yama – ethics
Niyama – spiritual practice
Asana – physical practice
Pranayama – control of the breath
Pratyahara – withdrawal of the senses
Dharana – concentration
Dhyana – meditation
Samadhi – super-consciousness

The eight limbs of yoga are a progressive path to enlightenment. Each cultivates a different part of the mind, body and spirit, taking you deeper into the practice.

What the Yogis have to say:

The retreat always confirms that yoga is a joy and necessity. -Claire

It was perfect for getting away from the everyday and focusing on improving my practice whilst being in a relaxing environment with great company and lovely food and drink. -Su

It has changed my regular practice as know I find myself correcting my posture and repeating what I learnt from the retreat. -Kay
On day three I nearly walked out of morning practice as my body was aching all over and I felt total frustration. I was so tired and my muscles were screaming too much yoga!” What was I thinking? Am I mad? I kept on looking around the room comparing myself to the others and felt almost anger how rubbish I was. I was close to tears. It was only that evening, after Paul told me that we are all different, our bodies have different strengths, flexibility and pointed out that some people were practicing for over a decade that my attitude and way of thinking changed. I approached next day’s practice with renewed enthusiasm and my oh my!
what a class it was! -Kamila

I arrived tired and exhausted from working and during my stay I recharged my batteries and felt a calmness and relaxation which has lasted long after the holiday.
Paul is a very calm instructor who makes you feel relaxed. He would remind us to breathe deeply before stretching and turning. He is funny and engaging. I thoroughly
enjoyed the sessions. -Rung

I gained a deeper connection with practice, enlightenment and relaxation. -Paul B

I visited the beach a few times and enjoyed swimming in the sea. The accommodation was surrounded by scent-filled fruit orchards and we were very privileged to enjoy excellent food. -Rung
Paul has an amazing presence, the way he works and feels the room – a spiritual energy. He has the ability to command attention without having to speak, a truly gifted instructor. Paul’s classes are always challenging but fun. He encourages everyone to push themselves just that little bit more at every class, it’s Yoga practice – practice makes perfect! -Elke

During the retreat I felt very refreshed, relaxed and happy. Afterward I missed the retreat, but used the meditation learning to bring me back to a place of peace.-Vibeka

If you’d like more information, please contact us on yogaholidaywithpaul@gmail.com or via Twitter