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What’s your favourite yoga pose?
If you’re like me, the answer changes from week to week, or even class to class. One of the things about doing a fixed sequence like Bikram is there are, inevitably, some asanas you’d like to skip while others you’d happily do all day.

It is normal to prefer certain poses because they’re harder, easier, stretch a certain muscle, address an imbalance, or just make you feel good. In our practice, it is tempting to give our maximum energy and attention to the postures we enjoy and give minimal effort to the ones we don’t like.

This kind of playing favourites holds back our practice though. Often we resist a posture because we’re not good at it and by not working as hard, we ensure we stay less-good. Others might seem to complicated, boring, or emotionally challenging. When these feelings arise we can improve and overcome them by focusing on doing our BEST without competition or expectation. Asanas don’t have to be perfect to be beneficial.
yoga standing bow pose
Another mental trick for facing little-loved postures is to think of a yoga class as a music album — it has hit singles, nice-but-average compositions, and a few you’d rather skip. Nevertheless, each part is essential to create the whole.

What are your favourite asanas? How do you motivate yourself to work on the poses you find challenging? Share in the comments!

Crow pose

Crow pose